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Did you know that Pierz Freedom Fest is entirely planned and organized by the Pierz Commercial Club?

Facilitated by a dedicated group of committee members, along with many club members & area community members donating many volunteer hours. The goal of PFF is to encourage each member of the community to participate and support area businesses, committees, organizations, and all related local activities. PFF was established in 2013 to be an annual fundraiser for the Pierz Area Commercial Club.


For this reason, Freedom Fest is committed to contributing much more to the community than just an awesome music festival for you and your friends and family! (Even though that’s pretty great, too!)  We also do a lot of good in Pierz and the surrounding communities. 

In no particular order, the Pierz Freedom Fest has made donations to:

     - Pay for Pierz Area Commercial Club Events through the year. 

     - Offer scholarships at Healy High school for business majors in the amount of $500.00 each

     - Donate to Pioneer and Holy Trinity Elementary for gym equipment.

     - Donate to Pierz area nursing homes and assisted living facilities for resident activities.

     - Donate to the Pierz area Elementary and High School Christmas Toy Drive.

     - Coordinate with school social workers to buy cold weather supplies for Pierz Area students.

     - Donate to Pierz area parks for playground equipment.

     - Donate funds to help Buckman First Response to purchase an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

     - Donate to Morrison County Chaplaincy Fund.

     - Pierz Area Police Department to purchase a SWAT vest for Officer Tschida.

     - Pierz First Responders to purchase new Oximeters.

     -Made Donations to the Junior Achievement

     -Made Donations to the City of Genola for the Ball-field

    We also thank our Scouts of Pierz, Pierz Music Department, Little Falls Anglers, Pierz FFA & EPIC kids for all the help you provide us, which in return we give donations too. 

Freedom Fest (and its sponsors!) improve Pierz and the surrounding communities. Thanks Pierz Area Commercial Club!

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